Larry Hehl’s 1940 Ford Woody

Not all Woodies spend their life with a surf board strapped on top cruising up and down the California coast. This one spends its time cruising the streets of Downriver. The one that is seen in these parts belongs to Flat Rock resident Larry Hehl. Hehl has always been a fan of Fords and has […]

John Gervasi’s 1952 MG TD Mark II

After WWII GIs returned from England with a love of British sports car and many of them were imported into the USA. These cars still have a loyal following and a proud owner of a fine example of early British sports car is Trenton resident John Gervasi with his 1952 MG TD Mark II. The […]

Mike Busen’s 1939 Desoto

People have spent countless hours and money looking for their first car. Mike Busen of Busen’s Appliance in Lincoln Park is one of the very few who doesn’t have to do that. As he still has the first car he ever owned as a kid of 16, a 1939 Desoto. “My father knew that the […]

Frank Miruzzi’s 1965 421 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible

Often times when people decide to buy a classic car they purchase a vehicle that they had earlier in their life. Such a person is Southgate resident Frank Miruzzi a proud owner of a 1965 Pontiac 2+2 convertible. “When I was younger I had a 1963, 9965 and 1967 Pontiac, said Miruzzi. I went to […]

Wayne Seward’s 1993 Ford Cobra Replica

Cobras have always been popular with people who appreciate performance over luxury and creature comforts. Wayne Seward is one such person who owns a 1993 Cobra Replica, which was built in Los Angeles California in 1993. Seward’s car was purchased a few years back at an auto auction in Auburn. “I managed to purchase the […]